How Are UK Shopping Habits Changing?


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Across the UK shopping habits have been changing for many years . In more recent years shopping has almost seen a revolution as millions of shoppers now use online outlets as some of their main forms of shopping. This has had a serious impact on traditional shops and in this article we will look at the overall effects , benefits and disadvantages.

The Rise Of Online Shopping.

Online shopping is something that has been on the rise since the start of the millennium and there have been several factors that have greatly accelerated its growth overall. One of the main drivers of growth of online shopping has been the creation of websites such as ebay.

Ebay offers just about anything to buy online from vehicles to cd players and old coins or collectors items. At the beginning of the 2000s this was still a new phenomenon but it began to catch on quickly. Many users found that there was fast hassle free delivery and excellent value to be had online.

Another reason why online shopping has seen such a sharp rise in demand is the rising number of online retailers. Originally ebay was the main online retailer. However in recent years computers have become significantly more advanced and it is not uncommon for every family to have access to at least one computer.

How Has Online Retail Affected Traditional High Street Shops?

There are a variety of different ways in which high street shops have been affected by the rise in online sales. One of the negative effects on high street shops has been major competition. Many smaller family run business or medium sized retailers have found it extremely difficult to cope with lack of demand as a result of the majority of people turning to online shopping rather than visiting their local high street.

The effect has been mirrored across the UK with many smaller UK retailers struggling to make a living as a result of a lack of footfall in the high street. This change has hit larger retailers as well with large brands such as woolworths going bust as a result. Part of the reason for this decline has been these shops and businesses failing to adapt to the demand for online business.

Why Do People Favour Online Retail?

There are a number of different reasons as to why people favour online retail. One of the main reasons that people favour online retail is flexibility and ease of use. One great thing about buying online is that you can visit a website and order items virtually anytime and there is no time limits or pressure on you to make a purchase generally speaking.

A further reason as to why people favour online retail is lower prices. It is often a lot easier for online retailers to undercut the prices in shops due to a bigger target audience and high visibility online. Smaller high street retailers are fighting a losing battle as they find it much harder to promote themselves and find new customers.

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