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Once you have selected the best resources you want to invest out of the 10,000 available, you need to check the specific criteria. There are many inventory selection methods, including style window reviews, asset class analysis, industry analysis, and revenue or price increases. Most analysts recommend a diverse portfolio.


Opinions on the best investments in equities were published in newspapers as the New York Stock Exchange began reporting daily stock prices, but cable TV and the Internet gave investors direct access. Today, most brokerage firms publish a recommended portfolio broken down into general categories (typically industries or asset classes). The categories are valued according to the asset allocation recommended by analysts. The portfolio is adjusted as the market changes and forecasts about individual stocks change.


To choose the top resources, investors should consider their investment objective, risk tolerance, current portfolio asset allocation, and investment amount. The top 5 with the highest stocks in the same portfolio would be given a different asset allocation. The amount invested in each fund would be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual.


Online stock selections allow investors to choose the criteria by which to find the right stock options. The top five investments to invest in should have the following characteristics: Aggressive growth – look for stocks in new or fast-growing industries. Stocks in this category are considered risky and volatile. They have the potential for large price fluctuations (both up and down). The 5-year wage growth rate would be at least 30%. Growth – These stocks are in an industry that is projected to continue to grow. The profits are reinvested in the company, so they cannot pay dividends. The price-to-income ratio shows a steady upward trend. The five-year wage growth rate would be 20%. Growth and revenue – Larger companies pay dividends and increase prices. They are usually industry leaders with enough market share to channel profits to shareholders. The return on equity should be at least 10% and the dividend yield should be at least ½%. Income – Resources have large dividends, preferably to increase in amount. Revenue stocks are typically larger for organizations in mature industries. The dividend yield should be at least 4%. Foreign Reserves – Investing in companies outside the United States allows you to take advantage of markets that may rise as U.S. markets shrink. Look for American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) in emerging world markets. ADR can be found in all other stock categories. They may be considered riskier than domestic companies due to the additional exchange rate risk, foreign government involvement and unlimited financial reporting.

Bad Choices

There is no single stock category that will perform better than everyone else over time. Ibbotson has been monitoring investment for decades and has made it clear that each category can be one and more years ahead. A diversified portfolio has been proven to work better than trying to top guests.


The top investments should have rising PE ratios, rising returns, a level of risk commensurate with the level of investor tolerance, and a forecast of continued positive returns.


Some investors use “time” to select stocks based on whether they believe the price will go up or down. Assessing stock prices or overall returns to interpret other stock movements requires careful daily analysis.

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