Productivity Habits: Routines of the World’s Richest People


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Did you know that millionaires have different habits than the average person? And no, we aren’t talking about using expensive products. These are simple things that they put into their daily, weekly and monthly routines in order to keep themselves fresh. You may feel disconnected to these people, and we aren’t saying that doing these productivity habits will make you a millionaire, but you are likely to see a positive change.

·        Early Mornings

A common trait in a lot of the world’s richest people is that they all wake up really early. Tim Cook (Apple CEO), Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) and Oprah Winfrey all wake up before 5AM. Why do they do this you ask? Well, getting up that early lets them have some free time before their hectic days get the best of them. If you are waking up and going straight to work, the day can often overwhelm you. Whilst everyone else is just getting up, they are already in their full flow.

·        Continue Setting Goals

One thing that most successful people do is continuously set goals for themselves. As soon as they have reached that goal, they will identify where they want to go next. These goals don’t always have to be business and money based either. Sometimes you may want to learn a new skill for your personal life. Richard Branson didn’t stop setting goals once he’d reached a million.

·        Never Stop Learning

The moment you stop trying to learn new things, is the moment that you stop being successful. One thing in common for the richest people in the world is that they are constantly trying to learn and develop themselves. It could be learning new skills out of choice or trying to learn from previous mistakes.

·        Regular Time Off

Another thing that millionaires tend to have in common is that they take time off on a regular basis. This isn’t them getting lazier as they get richer. It’s quite the opposite. Taking time away from there lives of making tough decisions helps them. It helps them reset, look at situations from a different angle and gain different perspectives.

·        Productivity Habits: Network

Rich people who have made a living for themselves very rarely did it alone. That is not to say they don’t deserve it, or didn’t put in the effort. But to be successful you need good support groups and good contacts within your industry. Successful people will constantly be trying to network and connect with other people that they feel may be useful – if not now, at a later date.

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