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Within the Online world the importance of SSL Certificates  and Internet security overall cannot be underestimated. In the current era computers are so vital to our infrastructure they help run hospitals , fly aircraft and control cars amongst many other uses. It is therefore vital that Internet security is maintained so technology is utilised properly and made to be secure.



So what exactly is SSL? SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is the process during which an encrypted link is created  between a web server and a browser. An SSL Certificate on a website is important and reassuring as lets the visitors to the site know that the website is secure and running security software to help prevent any sort of malicious action against it. You can often tell if a website is secure and using an  SSL Certificates by the padlock symbol featured in the top left of the URL bar. This signifies that  an SSL Certificate is  in use and your data entered on the site is secure.


Internet Security And Its Applications

In addition to  SSL Certificates there are a number of different forms of internet security options and different ways that they can be applied depending on what they are being used for.

  • Firewalls – Firewalls are an important apparatus within the Internet Security sector. This is a system that is setup to protect your computer’s network from receiving malicious data or programmes/content from an external network also known as the internet.
  • Encryption- This is another offshoot of internet security that is used to help keep data private. This is done by encrypting data by using an algorithm these algorithms are not impossible to decipher but require considerable effort and resources to decode Typically something that is encrypted has a key that can be used to decode  the data but this is normally stored by only a few and in sometimes one person.
  • Runtime application self protection also known as (RASP) Is a further form of internet security. RASP differs from the way a firewall deals with threats by monitoring its sites own data entries/inputs and blocking anything that could lead to a cyber attack. RASP pro actively combats any would-be attackers through a number of methods it can send a warning , shut down the application running or alert members of staff/ owners of the site that it is under threat


Internet Security Hazards

As well as security programmes to defend computers and other devices unfortunately there are a wide range of programmes and exploits that are designed to cause damage to data or website and computer systems.

  • Denial of service attack (D-Dos) This is when a device or resource is flooded with requests online simultaneously. This is a form of cyber attack used commonly by hackers to try to disrupt a website or server.
  • Trojan Virus- This form of cyber attack is when a user is fooled into opening a link or attachment thinking it is something its not. This allows a malicious computer programme into their computer which can gather data about the user and the computer itself.


In order to be safe in the current online environment it is essential that people use several forms of internet security and change passwords regularly in order to stay safe and secure online. In addition to this the presence of SSL on your website can transform user experience and help build trust as users will feel more confident entering sensitive data on your site. This is essential for online businesses.

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