The Health Benefits Of Green Tea


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Green tea is a natural product and one of nature’s greatest gifts to us humans. From its roots, it is very similar to black tea and we can easily recognize green tea by its bitter taste. It has an earthy flavour and has a pleasantly scented odour. This type of tea is cultivated mainly in China and India. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of green tea is that studies have shown that it helps the body in fighting cancer, with the notable exception of pancreatic cancer.

Green tea has been extensively used as a traditional medicine for thousands of year, originating in China but now widely used around the world, this tea has a plethora of beneficial uses from decreasing blood pressure to preventing cancer and other degenerative diseases. Because of this, green tea holds a maximum level of polyphenol and antioxidants the chemicals that give green tea so many health benefits. They are known for reducing the risk of cancer, slowing down the ageing process, improving skin condition and stamina, preventing and treating diabetes, preventing heart disease, improving memory, etc. Moreover, drinking green tea also protects against premature ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have revealed that drinking green tea can slow down the ageing process by up to 40%, thereby preventing age-related diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

The first of the many benefits of drinking green tea is its great effect on blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels are closely connected with many health problems and green tea drinkers have lower risks of having disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. Even people who do not drink tea can benefit by drinking green tea as it has antioxidant properties and thus can prevent damage caused to the cells due to free radicals. Antioxidants prevent cells from being harmed and thus the chances of getting cancer is minimized.

The second of the many benefits of green tea is to reduce stress levels. Some studies have shown that green tea reduces stress to a significant extent. The chemical compounds found in green tea can reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers many effects associated with stress. These include depression, anxiety, lethargy, fatigue, and poor memory.

The third of the many benefits of green tea is to improve your immune system. The polyphenol compound polyphenol is responsible for this effect. This component of green tea is a powerful free radical inhibitor and has many positive effects on the immune system. The component scavenges intracellular oxidation and prevents the oxidation of healthy cells. It also inhibits DNA damage and thus slows down the ageing process in the body.

These are just some of the many health benefits of green tea. It is a powerful antioxidant that is packed full of healthful benefits for the body. The next time you pick up a bag of green tea look for the green leaf symbol displayed prominently on the bag. This will give you the benefits of green tea without all of the mess and bother of brewing your own tea!

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