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Where some industries begin to fail, others begin to thrive. The video game industry is one of the ones that is currently thriving. With new technological advances happening pretty much every week, it isn’t surprising that gaming jobs are on the rise. Here are some of the many technical jobs that are associated with the gaming industry.

Game Designers

This is arguably one of the most sought-after gaming jobs there is. A large number of people who get into the gaming industry do so with the ambition to one day develop enough skills and knowledge to become a game designer. Due to this, jobs are very competitive in this part of the industry and although it’s not impossible to start from the bottom and work your way up, it can be extremely challenging. To make it in this part of the industry you need to develop your skills through different means and stay focused on the end goal.

Software Developers and Computer Programmers

Software developers and computer programmers implement the game designer’s versions of their final products. They are the code writers that make the designers visions an online reality.

Animators and Other Artists

Animators and other artists are the people who create the characters and backdrops for the video games. These visuals are crucial when it comes to jobs in gaming, as this is what brings the games to life. Animators can use a series of pictures to create a base for their creations.

As well as designing the art for the game itself, artists will also often design the packaging of the game, with the aim to catch people’s attention and try to sell it to the audience.

Audio Engineers

Audio engineers use a mixture of computers and electrical equipment in order to create soundtracks and theme music for the games. They do everything from the background music to characters’ voices and all other backing music.


There are many different gaming jobs that are associated with writers. Whether it’s a more creative role of script writing for characters and additional dialogue or more technical, writing instruction manuals and documents that come along with the game.

Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators take the original dialogue from characters and the instruction manuals and translate them into different languages. This is essential as it allows gaming companies to market and sell their games in other countries all over the world.

Video Game Testers

Just about everyone who is in to gaming, at one point or another has had a dream to be a video game tester. You can make your dream a reality with gaming jobs like these. The role of a video game tester is exactly what it says on the tin. Their job is to identify problems or bugs with the game, as well as reporting back to developers and designers on different aspects of game play and to help ensure that the instructions and documentation that come along with it are clear and easy to follow.


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