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Glasgow is a city filled with blinding lights and interesting people. It is home of many things and has a rich history. From walking down the busy roads of the city centre to strolling by one of its many iconic landmarks, there is always something to do, no matter who you are. In this article, I will be going over the hot spots of the city and telling you the best places to go for entertainment in Glasgow.

Pubs, Clubs and Restaurant Are Great Places For Entertainment In Glasgow

Whether you are a tourist visiting the city from a country far abroad, or a local worker, walking back from a hard days shift, there is always a pub, club or restaurant available for you. There is no better way as a tourist to get to know the city than going down to the pub on a Friday night and speaking to the locals. Given the natural Glaswegian way of being friendly, open and joyful, the amount of breathtakingly bizarre stories that you will hear is surreal. Or if that is not your style, there is always the option to dine in whichever cuisine you so, please. From Indian and Italian to local Scottish meals, there is an authentic taste for everyone to enjoy throughout the city.

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Entertainment In Glasgow Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Cinemas and Theatres

Everyone loves watching a great blockbuster movie and diving into a large over the top portion of nachos, especially Glaswegians. That’s why you will find cinemas dotted all over the place in Glasgow and there is even a new ‘luxe’ ODEON cinema in case you are feeling fancy one night and want to relax on brand new luxurious leather reclining seats. Or maybe you would prefer to go old school and take the children to watch one of your childhood favourite books live in a theatre. There is no experience quite like seeing the joy on your baby’s face as they roar out “HE’S BEHIND YOU” to an “unsuspecting” actor in a play. Whatever you desire, the entertainment in Glasgow has exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for More Adrenaline Than the Other Entertainment In Glasgow Options?

If you are a thrill seeker and going to watch a movie just won’t cut it for you, there is much more than the entertainment in Glasgow that has been listed. Perhaps a bungee jump off the top of a crane is more up your street? Maybe a game of football with your friends… While you all wear big bubble suits? Or what about a day of rock climbing? The entertainment in Glasgow is limitless!


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