Jobs with the Most Vacancies in Britain


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Everybody has a dream and sometimes it can be an extremely common one. With Britain becoming more diverse, opportune and busy by the day the variety of jobs on offer has also seen a fortunate increase. This has caused quite a change in the list of jobs that are sought after leaving quite a few at the bottom of the list.


With the number of people taking up an engineering degree constantly on the decline, Britain has been warned that it is on the verge of having a full-fledged economic crisis due to the lack of engineers. Engineers adds about 25% to the gross value of Britain as a whole and engineers are seen as some of the most important contributors to trade.


The NHS is dealing with a shortage of staff in almost every department with nurses seeing a constant increase in available job posts. The stress and long hours that come with nursing may not be for everyone evidently. Another reason why nursing is not a go-to for many is because the study period is long and grueling leaving only a few spare hours to pick up shifts at work.


The Government has been spending more money by the second on recruiting new teachers and it simply is not enough. Shortages in schools are growing while job vacancies are on the rise. Teachers have complained about a lack of supplies and too much work after hours which is what is keeping keen new teachers away from the job.


When it comes to cooking shows, Britain has definitely painted a scary picture. Gordon Ramsey may not be the best motivator since no one is looking forward to being told that they are ‘an idiot sandwich’. On the other hand, Britain is spending more money on dining out than ever before leaving restaurants looking in every corner for a great chef.

IT Professionals

This one should come as no surprise since the whole world is fighting for the best tech students out there. There are plenty of companies that are willing to pay new employees fat salaries as the shortage has only grown and become more of a problem. Knowledge in regard to Java is considered a great starting point and finding a job is pretty easy since there is not much competition. The tech industry is increasing at a mile a minute and with every new smartphone comes a new job posting.

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