Wedding Bands Scotland | Myths About Wedding Bands

Planning a wedding can be…stressful, to say the least. There are so many decisions that you need to make when it comes to deciding how to celebrate your big day. One of the toughest decisions that people find is choosing entertainment. You will likely never get a more diverse range of music tastes as you will at a wedding or family event. That’s why it is essential to pick the best entertainment for not only you but for your audience as well. Here are some of the most common myths about wedding bands in Scotland.

Myth: Wedding Bands Are Cheesy

It’s impossible to say that there are no cheesy wedding bands in Scotland, because there are. Not all wedding bands are like this however. In recent years, the demand for good-quality wedding entertainment has risen substantially. When you go to a company such as Elite Bands, you are guaranteed just that, you will not see

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Myth: Wedding Bands Are Expensive

Everyone’s idea of expensive is different but not all wedding bands in Scotland are expensive. What you need to remember with hiring a wedding band is that you’re not just hiring music, you’re hiring a full evening of entertainment and audience interaction that can’t be matched with

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Myth: All Weddings Bands in Scotland Are the Same

Not all wedding bands are the same, that is because there are so many different genres and styles of music and performing out there these days. Some wedding bands will stick to one type of music, whereas others will dip into different genres throughout the night to keep the audience on their toes. Some bands will even take songs from different genres and add their own twist. Just some of the different genres of music that weddings bands in Scotland provide include;

  • Pop (50’s-present day)
  • 70s style
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Acoustic
  • Pop-rock
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Disco
  • Irish/Scottish

Some bands will have the ability to not only switch between genres but also be able to switch between being a live act and DJ set, perfect for daytime and nighttime entertainment.


Myth: DJ’s Provide the Same Service as Wedding Bands

Another common myth is that DJ’s can provide the same service as a wedding band can and whilst they can both provide you with music, it’s about the atmosphere.

A live band can engage and excite an audience, not to mention that there is nothing quite like live music. With a live band, you can feel the passion that motivates them and they give off a lot more energy and entertainment than a DJ.

Myth: Bands Won’t Play the Music You Want

An experienced wedding band will have a large repertoire of songs that they can play and many will take at least one song request (usually for the first dance). All you need to do is give them enough time to learn it.  Many wedding bands in Scotland will have a large range of songs that they perform on a regular basis and many will allow you to choose songs from that to be included in your setlist. If enquiring about a wedding band, always ensure you ask questions like this before putting down a deposit.




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