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The technology in the cosmetic surgery industry has seen dramatic development. There are now many non-surgical options out there than ever before, each with their own sets of benefits and risks. Here are some of the advantages and risks of getting non-surgical liposuction in Glasgow.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Liposuction

There are many advantages of non-surgical liposuction in Glasgow, including;


Some non-surgical liposuction treatment offers a 4-in-1 approach to getting rid of that unwanted fat.


A session of non-surgical liposuction in Glasgow will typically last for around 45 minutes, although more treatment may be required to achieve desired results.

Medically Approved and Endorsed

Both doctors and cosmetic surgeons approve of non-surgical liposuction in Glasgow.

Immediate Results

With non-surgical liposuction, the results and immediate. Measuring yourself directly before and after the treatment will already show huge improvements, although the more treatment you get the more success you will see.

Can Be Used on Body and Face

The laser treatment used for non-surgical liposuction can be used on both the body and the face, meaning that you can get anything from a tighter stomach to a more refined jawline.


Unlike regular liposuction, the non-surgical procedure is painless. Surgical liposuction may not be sore at the time, due to the patient being under general anaesthetic but the recovery time can be a painful process.

No Recovery Time

As well as being painless, non-surgical liposuction in Glasgow carries no recovery time. Patients will be able to walk out of the door after the treatment and continue their day. There is also far smaller risk of scarring or infection.

Treatment Plans Can Be Custom Made

Non-surgical liposuction treatment plans can be custom made, this allows patients to get exactly what they want out of the procedure. You will likely need to get more than one treatment, usually 6 are recommended as it’s far better to ease yourself into the treatment rather than doing too much at once. This will help you get the results you want in the safest and most successful way possible.

Risks of Non-Surgical Liposuction in Glasgow

As well as there being many advantages to the procedure, non-surgical liposuction also carries some risks;


Sometimes skin can be left with more appearance of cellulite and dimpling of the skin as fat is removed but fibre and connective tissue remains.


Due to the skin and muscle tissue being disturbed, bruising and swelling are very common, the same goes for any procedure that causes similar disruption. In some cases, this swelling can cause discomfort and pain.


Even though the treatment is technically non-surgical, it still carries a risk of infection for the patient. Ensuring you choose a clinic that only uses clean and sterile equipment is essential for minimising your risk of infection.

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