Unusual Jobs: Unorthodox Roles That Make Big Salaries


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Are you bored of your career? A lot of people can get tired of what they do. After all, doing the same tasks on a day to day basis can really suck the fun out of a situation. But more often than not, people will stay in these jobs due the fear of not having job stability. Once you see this list of unusual jobs accompanied with the large salaries to match, you’ll be thinking about a career change instantly:

·        Bed Warmer

There are people out there who hate getting in to a cold bed so much that they will pay you to warm it up. This is a job that has one responsibility – lay in a bed until it warms up. That’s pretty simple, right? Apparently the pay for being a human bed warmer can reach up to $200,000! Although it seems to be a hard field to get in to…

·        “Ethical” Hacker

We should – by now – all know about computer hackers. The image for a computer hacker isn’t exactly positive in the public’s perception. However, there are ethical hackers out there that are hired by governments and other agencies to help protect us. They usually work in the security industry and will attempt to hack things in order to make them safer.

·        Plane Repo

You can get paid for stealing high-end vehicles such as planes and yachts for a living. By working as a high-end repossession enforcer you will be tasked with recovering assets. If someone hasn’t paid their debts, you are legally allowed to start seizing assets. This can be a dangerous job, as not many people like things being taken away from them.

·        Unusual Jobs: Snuggler

This one feels like the next step from a bed warming job. However enjoyable or awkward snuggling a stranger might be, some people will pay handsomely for the service. The pay for this job will fluctuate wildly, depending on how much someone is willing to pay for one of your snuggles.

·        Cook/Chef

Okay, so on the surface this isn’t an unusual job. Lots of people do it. But there are roles as a chef/cook out there that are definitely unusual. For example, you can be hired to be the cook of a submarine. This job pays VERY well, and can even be over six figures.

·        Hot Dog Vendor

This definitely isn’t the most glamorous role on the list. In fact, it can even be somewhat of a low paying job sometimes. But apparently, if you get your business right, Hot Dog carts around cities such as Chicago and New York can make up to $100,000 a year.

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