Ways to Make Your Morning Cup of Joe Healthier


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A lot of people out there depend more on coffee than they do on water and starting a day without your morning cup seems close to cruel. With so many health gurus advising us to skip those many cups of coffee, there are plenty who are looking for a healthier way to continue treating themselves.

Ease Up On the Chemical Additives

Anything artificial that you are adding to your coffee makes it ten times worse for your body. Plenty of people depend on a sweetener or a cream based additive to get the perfect blend they are looking for. A natural alternative to these chemical additions could make your morning cup something that could benefit your body. Rather than having artificial sweeteners elevate your blood sugar levels, decay your teeth and decrease your immunity cinnamon can be used as a supplement to add a sugary kick. Even though cinnamon is not sugar based, works well and also helps lower blood sugar levels while being a great antioxidant. It also helps keep your insulin levels in check and is used by people who have multiple ailments. For a creamer, you could simply go back to the basics and try natural, real cream. Even though the chemical supplement companies may paint it out to be a fattening option, it is far better than something processed and full of chemicals.

Filtered Water and Good-Quality Beans

Often we are so focused on alternatives, the quality of the key ingredients misses our attention. Coffee is predominately water and the quality of that water is important. Ever seen a barista make coffee in a fancy shop? A filter is always part of the process. The beans you use to make your coffee should be of great quality because coffee beans are known to be the most sprayed crop in the world. Great ingredients are the first step to a healthy cup.

Eat Something Beforehand

Your body will naturally release a certain amount of insulin when the caffeine enters your system, resulting in a decrease in blood sugar levels. This can leave you feeling tired and exhausted. To keep your energy levels high, get a bite to eat before you grab your morning cup. Coffee is also known to cause a fluid loss in your body which leaves you feeling dehydrated. Having a quick glass of water before you finish your coffee is a good start.

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