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Organising a large scale event is a demanding task that requires organisation, multitasking and the ability to think fast and come up with solutions to problems. Depending on how big your event is, you may be managing a team of people with the purpose of supporting you. One of the sure ways to safeguard success is to hire reliable, experienced and professional staff who share your goal of a well-executed and prosperous event. Some examples of people you may require to assist you are temporary event staff and event structure management. To learn more about working with a team of this kind, continue reading.

Event Structure

When tasked with managing a massive events project, there is a seemingly endless list of things you have to consider. One of the very first things that need to be addressed is where are you hosting? If your event requires a unique indoor area that has requirements which cannot be catered for by a pre-existing building, you need a temporary structure erected. Luckily for you, there is an event structure company dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of such structures. VBS Structures is a UK based company supplying cutting-edge temporary structures that can assist with the creation of exquisite events in any location. From semi-permanent buildings to short-term budget conscious solutions, this team have got you covered.  Whether it is a simplistic stage or something much more intricate and stylish, VBS Structures have the experience, materials and skill to construct your ideal venue.

Stunning event structure with open front to display new cars.

Temporary Event Staff

Since deciding on your event structure company, you will require temporary event staff to construct and manage the venue throughout the event. TenTen Events is the sister company to VBS Structures, offering customers full complement of staff expertly trained to construct, maintain, supervise, support and organise your event venue. This crew provide an all in one service that compliments your events management perfectly. Available to hire from TenTen Events are:

  • Marquee Construction crews
  • Event construction crews
  • Promotional staff
  • Festival Stewards
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Sound Technicians
  • AV Technicians

So, no matter what type of event you are managing, VBS Structures and TenTen Events are two teams that you want by your side. Both businesses are owned by two brothers who have been working in the events industries for many years. They each have extensive experience in various roles and the now oversee large teams. Past customers have described this enterprise as having the perfect mix of creativity, hands-on skill and the can-do attitude to get it exactly right and complete on time.

Stunning event structure being set up with fairy lights wrapped around the support poles and dance floor being installed.

Marketing Your Event

Now that you have your venue and staff organised you need to think about marketing. The first thing on the agenda is to establish your goals and your budget. Next, you should consider content creation and management. Thorough research of your target audience will be required so that you know which channels you should use for your marketing. Of course, you need to consider remarketing and sponsorships.

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